School day

Registration is not yet open. 


The event I Love Science Festival is totally free (admission and workshops) for everyone of all ages... 

On Friday 24 April, the festival hosts schools, with a fun and scientific programme.

Activities not requiring registration are offered throughout the festival. If your class has not signed up in advance, you will still be welcome to join us for a day filled with science and discovery! 

However, advance registration is available to school classes for certain workshops, depending on the number of spaces available. 

Booking is only possible for Friday 24 April. 

Shows also take place throughout the day on the podium at the appointed times, and no booking is required. 

Discover the I Love Science Festival programme below.

For any additional information, please contact us by email at:

Practical info

Friday 24 April 2020
9 am – 4 pm
Brussels Expo- Palais 1


Via public transportation

  • Train: Gare du midi station
  • To get to Brussels Expo from the Gare du Midi, take Metro line 6 towards Roi Baudouin. Get off at Heysel. The journey takes around 15 minutes.
    From the Gare Centrale, take Metro line 5 towards Erasmus or line 1 towards Gare de l’Ouest. At Beekkant, take line 6 towards Roi Baudouin. Get off at Heysel. This journey takes +/- 20 minutes. 
  • Metro: Ligne 6 direction roi Baudouin - stop Heysel
  • STIB bus: Bus 88 et 84 direction Heysel – Heysel stop
  • Tram: Tram 7 direction Heysel - Heysel stop


A limited catering and picnic area will be available to you on the festival grounds. Therefore, it is possible for the children to bring their own food.


By reservation


Escape game : « Le colis de Mathieu Hériaux »

Come handle scientific equipment and acquire new knowledge thanks to this Escape game.


Explore Science

A dynamic exhibition that combines cutting-edge research and educational explanations. Enjoy workshops and "Lab challenges", a scientific Escape Game and educational activities on various scientific themes.


Longevity of animal, plant and human species

What is the specific lifespan of different animal and plant species, and what about men and women?


Science @ Fablab ULB

Walk behind the scenes of the fabulous Fablab ULB contemporary laboratory. It's the opportunity to discover its many actors and witness some of its notable achievements.



An interactive device based on sound creation that allows you to try your hand at both sound creation and sound reception.


The yeast cell, a real biochemical factory

The properties of yeast: a veritable miniature production plant, with a wealth of things to discover. From bread with bioethanol, to beer and even vaccines.



Your world tomorrow...

Come and take on challenges, experiment and solve puzzles around the scientific themes of tomorrow.

Without reservation


A Taste of Science

A science cafe to discover, discuss... and participate in fun activities that make science open to all, with a drink, or a coffee!


Art&Science Chambers

Come and discover the two "chambers" that present artistic works which popularise science.


Picture@StokkStudio (David Baatzsch)


Connect The Bits

Connectivity: a live robot competition and a video game coding activity with testing.


CSI @ Open BioLab Brussels

An “open biolab” introduction to life sciences.


Daily Science

A series of public and interactive conferences around the creation and animation of a digital "Festival Newsletter". A competition will also be organised for the public during the festival.


De gamer à maker

Are you a fan of Mario, Snake, Flappy Bird, Minecraft,… Join us on our booth and participate in our Discovery code. You will learn how to create your own game and discover the Scratch Universe and many other surprises.


Discovering the universe

A mobile planetarium that will take you on a journey through space and have your head in the stars.


Drone & VR

Discover the incredible world of drones and virtual reality! This activity addresses the latest technological innovations in a fun and scientific way.


ElectroKids VS Iron Monster or how to weld ?

Two workshops on the properties of metal and its uses.


Explore the city. Make the city.

Interactive activities and a multimedia exhibition for all, which reveal how Brussels' architecture and structure make it an intelligent and sustainable city.


Gaming to the next level

In this project we want to introduce the public to Internet-of-Things (IoT) in a playful way.


Hearing Augmented Reality Index Race

A fun and interactive experience to address a series of scientific and technological themes related to sound and triangulation positioning.


Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry

Join a fascinating educational journey with 1001 Inventions to discover the world of 8th century pioneer, Jabir ibn Hayyan! Watch an exciting short film, enjoy an engaging live show and explore the mystery of chemistry through fun demonstrations and hands-on activities.



A playground with a multidisciplinary approach that encourages reflection. 


Protein riddles

Use your knowledge on DNA and proteins to get out of the escape room, or try to solve protein puzzles in Virtual Reality


Science Worlds

A life size role-playing game on the theme of science and technology.


Take your microbial selfie

The "levogram": a living photo created by the growth of yeast cells... A truly original installation!


The funny scientific village

Discover the world around us through active, participatory and experimental pedagogy 


The LEGO® Barcode Game

Don't think that technology is glamorous? We prove the opposite with a team game built in LEGO® , which reveals the secrets of barcodes and introduces you to the programming of industrial robots. 


Wearable Technology

Come and discover 4 activities and learn about this inspiring theme that intersects art, design, science and technology.


Tomorrow brought us rain

Come and discover a musical show that tells the story of an engineer who is as courageous as he is melancholic.