School day

Want to enjoy a day of science and fun with your class? Friday 13 November is dedicated to schools! The I Love Science Festival is a free science and technology festival for everyone in Brussels! Learn everything there is to know about piloting a drone, augmented reality, soft mobility, robots and environmental issues. Come and discover science in a new light!

Despite being free of charge, this event nevertheless requires a compulsory reservation. This is in order to best manage access, keeping in mind the special sanitary conditions linked to COVID-19 (one ticket per visitor). This ticket only gives you access to the event.

Activities that do not require registration will take place throughout the day. If you want to participate in a workshop, some can be booked online. However, booking a workshop online does not exempt you from booking the ticket that will give you access to the event. 

If your group did not sign up to a workshop in advance, some will be available to book on site, on the day (subject to availability).

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By reservation


Discover the Propulseur! - Propulseur

The Propulseur, in its teaching capacity, will also give you access to science and innovation via interactive workshops involving creating objects using 3D printers.

Practical info : FR/EN I 8 years and + I 40 minutes

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Energy without spilling a drop! - Laborabus

Professor Lancelot SOUSPRESSION presents how water, a source of energy, has been able to address issues in the past and how, today, it is a crucial component for meeting the requirements of sustainable development. Through playful and spectacular experiments, this eccentric character offers you a dynamic and crystal-clear activity.

Practical info : FR I 9 to 10 years I All day I 1 hour

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Exhibition: "What is agriculture?" - Le Muséobus

Hop aboard the Museobus and discover a travelling exhibition! On board, you will find exhibitions on a variety of themes, prepared and commented on by history of art and archaeology graduates. For the most curious, the visit of the Museobus will be followed by an "eco-responsible farmer" workshop about fertiliser.

Practical info : FR I 8 to 14 years I 70 minutes I Friday only

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Explore Science @ ULB - Département Inforsciences & Scientothèque

A dynamic exhibition that combines cutting-edge research and educational explanations. Enjoy workshops and "Lab challenges", a scientific Escape Game and educational activities on various scientific themes.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 9 years and + I 30 minutes



Feel the Earth - BOZAR

Immersive experiences and virtual reality are changing our relationship with the living world for a very long time. BOZAR invites you to take a journey to the heart of the wilderness with ‘Jungle VR’!

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 14 years and + I All day I 10 minutes

Picture © Lucile Dizier, BOZAR


Matt Hériaux's package - IRISIB

To open this mysterious package, you have to solve a number of puzzles about the materials using a series of experiments.

Practical information : FR/EN I 12 years and + I 30 minutes



The Plastimobile teaches you, in an amusing way, how to recycle plastic. Feel like testing your knowledge of technology, science and chemistry? Give plastic a second life with the help of miniature industrial machines!

Practical info : FR I 10 to 12 years I All day I 1 hour

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Science @ Fablab ULB

Enter the Fablab ULB laboratory and discover the riches of digital manufacturing.

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I 8 years and + I All day


SoundLAB - Factum lab

Recording and listening to sound has never been so... different. And that's exactly what SoundLAB is all about. SoundLAB is an interactive machine that generates participatory poetry. You send in your voice and then you can listen to an original poem that stems from all the contributions of the audience. An algorithm puts it all together at random. At the very least it's absurd and idiosyncratic, often it can be moving, but it's always surprising.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 7 years and + I All day


The Fun bikes - Le Grand Huit

The Fun Bikes of GRAND HUIT are a sight to behold! But they are also fun bikes that young and old can try. Enjoy testing your balance, control and skill. Laughter guaranteed!

Practical info : FR/EN I 8 years and + I All day 

Reservation  here


The yeast cell, a real biochemical factory - Labiris - Institut Meurice (HELDB)

The properties of yeast: a veritable miniature production plant, with a wealth of things to discover. From bread with bioethanol, to beer and even vaccines.

Practical information : FR I 16 years and + I All day



Will you live 150 thanks to science? - Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society)

Understanding the longevity of animal, plant and human species. 

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 8 to 20 years I 30 minutes


XperiLab's mobile lab! - Xperilab has 9 experiments that encompass natural sciences. You can choose from themes such as fresh water, ecology, wind energy and thermal insulation. Discover the different stages of experimental research in an autonomous way!

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I 8 to 14 years I 30 minutes

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Your world tomorrow -

Come and take on challenges, experiment and solve puzzles around the scientific themes of tomorrow.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 10 years and + I 24 people I 1h15 

Planning : 9:45 - 11:00 / 11:15 - 12:20 / 13:15 - 14:30 / 14:45 - 16:00 

Without reservation


Exhibition Hubert Reeves - Le Lombard

Fun and adapted to a young audience, the exhibition explains and vulgarises in pictures themes as complex as biodiversity, forests and oceans. 

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 8 years and + I All day


A Taste of Science - Pint of Science

A science cafe to discover, discuss... and participate in fun activities that make science open to all, with a drink, or a coffee!

Practical information : FR/EN/NL I 6 years and + I 30 minutes to 1 hour


A wisdom that has become artificial - Fédération Belge de GO

Discover the game of Go, a subtle 3,000 year old strategy game played by millions of players.

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I 5 years and + I 10 minutes 


ClueAudio - Hearing Augmented Reality Index Race - LARAS/IRISIB

ClueAudio is a unique escape game. The challenge is to unlock the secrets of sound and real-time positioning within the time frame. It's a playful and interactive AR experience!

Practical informations : FR/NL/EN I 7 to 16 years I 6 persons I 30 minutes

Friday: Pre-registration
Saturday & Sunday: All day


Connect The Bits - Techies Lab

Cubetto program, a nice robot made of wood and electronics to find its way back to the city. And learn how to code your own video game and test it with a giant controller!

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 5 to 12 years I 30 minutes


CSI: who's the murderer? - Open BioLab Brussels - Erasmushogeschool Brussel

Come and compare the DNA of various suspects at the Open BioLab Brussels to the DNA found at the crime scene.

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I 8 years and + I All day I 20 minutes


Deconstruct the city. Create the city - VUB Architectural Engineering

Interactive activities and a multimedia exhibition for all, which reveal how Brussels' architecture and structure make it an intelligent and sustainable city.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 7 years and + I All day I 30 minutes


Discovering the universe - Planétarium de l'Observatoire royal de Belgique

This is a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of the night sky. Not just through a film, no, you literally dive into the cosmos with a VR helmet on your head. Fancy floating between the planets, and landing at the International Space Station on Mars? It's possible, in the Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium!

Practical info: FR/NL/EN I 8 years and + I All day


Drone Towers - EspaceDrone Group

Discover the extraordinary world of drones and remote-controlled cars! This activity addresses the latest technological innovations in a playful and scientific way.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 10 years + I All day


Dry ice is crazy! - Cap Sciences

Games with foam and dry ice: artificial smoke domes, mysterious drops of rain and preparation of a magic potion.

Practical information : FR/EN I 8 to 12 years I 30 minutes


ElectroKids VS Iron Monster or how to weld ? - Fablab'ke - Commune de Molenbeek Saint Jean - Maison des cultures et de Cohésion sociale

Two workshops on the properties of metal and its uses.

Practical information : FR I 7 to 12 years I All day


From gamer to makers - We are coders

Are you a fan of Mario, Snake, Flappy Bird, Minecraft,… Join us on our booth and participate in our Discovery code. You will learn how to create your own game and discover the Scratch Universe and many other surprises.

Practical information : FR I 8 to 14 years I All day I 30 minutes


Gaming to the next level - VUB

Do you wonder how interior positioning can improve the gaming experience? Challenge your friends by doing the fastest lap on our track with remote-controlled cars or by playing hockey. You might win a 3D-printed medal! 

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 6 years and + I All day I 30 minutes


Geometric Music - KIKK

Geometric Music is an interactive installation that uses the principles of mathematics and geometry to compose musical pieces.

Practical information : FR/EN/NL I 4 years and + I All day


In the flesh and blood - Museum of Medicine

Card games, models to dismantle... this entertaining workshop introduces children to the organs that make up their bodies and the role that each of them plays in human anatomy.  

Practical info : FR I 7 to 12 years I All day I 20 minutes


Introduction to japanese chess - Fédération Belge de Shôgi

This game allows you to work on your combinatorial thinking, allowing you to playfully develop thinking strategies close to those needed in programming and coding.

Practical information : FR/EN I 5 years and + I All day





Keep talking and nobody explodes - Avalon Virtual

Tick, tock, tick, tock... You are trapped in a virtual room with a bomb that you have to defuse. Your team of "experts" will have to decipher the information contained in the bomb's instructions. But there is a catch: you cannot see the bomb and will have to show strategy and cooperation to accomplish your mission.

Practical information : FR I 12 years and + I All day I 15 minutes


Ohme’s ArtScience Chambers – Ohme

Ohme invites you to discover the two ArtScience Chambers: SINE, an audiovisual performance combining physics and electronic music, and ABSCISSE, a holographic installation based on neuroscience.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 15 years and + I All day

Picture@StokkStudio (David Baatzsch)


Organising conferences & a digital newspaper - Daily Science

A series of public and interactive conferences around the creation and animation of a digital "Festival Newsletter". A competition will also be organised for the public during the festival.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 10 years and + I All day 


Plays²stem - Odisee

A playground to discover the mathematical functions and principles of physics while playing.

Practical info : FR/EN/NL I 2 years and + I All day


Protein riddles - VUB Structural Biology Brussels

Use your knowledge on DNA and proteins to get out of the escape room, or try to solve protein puzzles in Virtual Reality.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN I 14 years and + I All day I 30 minutes


Science Ambassador - Innoviris

Come meet and vote for your candidate for Science Ambassador 2020!

Practical information : FR/EN/NL I All audiences I All day


Science Worlds - Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique

A life size role-playing game on the theme of science and technology.

Practical information schoolday (Friday) : FR/NL/EN I 6 to 14 years I 50 people (2 classroom)I 1 hour

Practical information weekend : FR/NL/EN I 6 to 14 years I All day I 1 hour


ShareCare VR- Futurist Games Brussels

Anatomy was never your favourite subject at school? Here you have a chance to change your mind. With the VR ShareCare installation, dive into the deepest recesses of the human body. Discover how your organs work in 3D and in real time. It's an experience that you must try at least once in a lifetime!

Practical information : FR/EN I 7 years and + I All day


Space Adventures – Cap Sciences

Put on your space suit and join us on a trip into the great unknown! Are you ready? Brace yourself because we have everything on the programme: launching chemical rockets, a gravity test and a big space quizz.

Practical information : FR/EN I 8 to 12 years I 30 minutes


Space Laser Games - Space Fun Games

Feel the thrill with your friends: hide in the labyrinth, develop tactics and earn points by aiming your laser gun at your opponents' interactive vests!

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I 7 years and + I All day


Take your microbial selfie - Open BioLab Brussels - Erasmushogeschool Brussel

The "levogram": a living photo created by the growth of yeast cells... A truly original installation!

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 8 years and + I All day


The funny scientific village - Les Petits Débrouillards

Discover the world around us through active, participatory and experimental pedagogy. 

Practical information : FR I All audiences I All day


The LEGO® Barcode Game - IRISIB

Don't think that technology is glamorous? We prove the opposite with a team game built in LEGO® , which reveals the secrets of barcodes and introduces you to the programming of industrial robots. 

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 8 years and + I All day I 30 minutes


Wearable Technology - Gluon Educatie

Discover a programme of 3 activities and learn more about this inspiring theme, which lies at the crossroads of art, design, science and technology.

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 12 years and + I 15 to 30 minutes


Zero Gravity - Futurist Games Brussels

Have you always wanted to know what it was like to be an astronaut? Floating weightlessly in the air while looking down on our beautiful blue planet? Zero Gravity gives you a taste of it. But don't forget your mission: to repair the satellite.

Practical info : FR/EN I 7 years and + I All day


At the end of the tale - La Tête à Toto

In a Celtic world full of elves, fairies, kings and princesses, this tale is inspired by popular tradition and strives to respect the narrative mechanics of the fairy tale by cleverly treating it with language, rhythm and original staging.

Practical info : FR I 4 years and + I 1X/day  I 50 minutes

KluG - MicroCube

KluG is a wandering mechanical being; a solitary, errant machine with no function of its own and in perpetual discovery of a world that is still alien to it.

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I All audiences I 4X/day

Tomorrow brought us rain - ROBIN

Come and discover a musical show that tells the story of an engineer who is as courageous as he is melancholic.

Practical info : FR/NL I 7 years and + I 1X/day I 30 minutes