At the end of the tale - Toto's head

Musical shows for young and family audiences.

Practical info : FR I 3 to 12 years old I Continuous flow  I 30 to 50 minutes

Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry - 1001 Inventions

Enjoy this live show with interactive and immersive on-stage experiments that bring to life stories of the journey from alchemy to chemistry by remarkable pioneers.

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I 7 years and + I Continuous flow  I 30 minutes

KluG - MicroCube

KluG is a wandering mechanical being; a solitary, errant machine with no function of its own and in perpetual discovery of a world that is still alien to it.

Practical info : FR/NL/EN I All audiences I All day 

Tomorrow brought us rain - ROBIN

Come and discover a musical show that tells the story of an engineer who is as courageous as he is melancholic.

Practical info : FR/NL I 7 years and + I Continuous flow I 30 minutes