On-site programme

Here you will find a description of the indoor exhibitors.
During the weekend, no pre-registration is required for any activity. However, some workshops and shows will be held at fixed times, and for some activities, you will be able to register for a specific time slot directly at the stand.
You will soon be able to consult the schedules here.

La science et ses applications : donnez votre avis ! - Inforsciences

As part of the POST (Perception of Science and Technology) survey, InforSciences, the ULB's Department for the Dissemination of Science, would like to gather your spontaneous reactions to some common ideas about science and its applications.

Useful information: FR/EN I from 8 years old I Continuous demonstration 

#Science @ XperiLAB.be®- Fondation Entreprise/Institut, FUP

XperiLAB.be® is a truck that houses 9 small laboratories where young scientists observe, experiment and conduct research into biology, chemistry, physics and technology.  All the fun of the scientific process on the road!

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 9 years +| Continuous | 25 minutes

A zero-waste life - Is it possible? - Zéro Carabistouille

Sylvie Droulans and her family set themselves the challenge of producing no more waste. Five years on, the results are there for everyone to see: one 1.6-l jar of waste for 4 people for 20 months!  But how do you achieve such a goal? Sylvie shares her tips and tricks during an inspiring lecture.

Practical information: FR | 18 years + | On stage | 1 hours 30 minutes
Sunday: 3 p.m.

Art&Science Chambers - Ohme

Ohme invites you to discover the Art & Science Chambers, within which you can attend the following activities:

  • The Tales of Entropy show/installation that combines music and microscopic visuals (Guillaume Schweicher, Ohme)
  • SINE, an educational audiovisual installation about the physics of electronic music (François Gaspard, Boris Wilmot, Ohme)
  • Abscisse, a holographic universe based on neurosciences (Bots Conspiracy, Ohme)
  • κῦμα, a light piece illustrating the principles of regulation (Ohme)

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 15 years + | Continuous

Au bout du conte - La tête à Toto

In this funny, interactive musical tale, music, puppets and theatrical play are combined to trace the journey of the elf Vingt-cent, who wants to marry Princess Quatr'ine... but King Numéric disagrees and the calculator fairy interferes...  A mathematical musical tale for all ages to enjoy.

Practical information: FR | all ages (we) / 6-12 years (Friday) | 45 minutes
Friday : 9.15 a.m. / Saturday : 1.30 p.m. / Sunday : 1.30 pm.

Biologists on an investigative mission - Scienceinfuse UCLouvain

Step into the shoes of expert biologists, called in by the police to help solve an age-old mystery. To get to the bottom of it, use your knowledge of genetics and blood types, and sharpen your observation skills under the microscope.

Practical information: FR | 14 years + | 1 hour

Botanical roulette - ULB Jean Massart Botanical Garden (ExploreSciences@ULB)

Play ‘flower roulette’ and indulge in some delightful botany... Enjoy sensory challenges, test your observation skills, play word games or admire how plants can be turned into musical instruments. So many fun ways to explore the little-known world of plants.

Practical information: FR/EN | 6 years + | Continuous

Build your own radio receiver - Royal Union of Belgian Radio Amateurs

Build your own little FM radio receiver and take it home to listen to your favourite channel!

Practical information: FR/EN | 10 years + | 1 hr
Times: 10.30 a.m. / 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. / 3.30 p.m.

Citizens and researchers join forces to get a better understanding of the city and to take action - ULB/VUB Brussels Research Open Lab (ExploreSciences@ULB)

The aim of this project? To make Brussels even more welcoming, healthier, more inclusive... Presentations tell the story of how citizens, associations and researchers work together to transform and improve our city, and workshops encourage us to take action... together!

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 8 years + | Continuous

Could Darwin have been inspired by Brussels sprouts? - ULB Museum of Zoology and Anthropology (ExploreSciences@ULB)

From natural selection to adaptation... Come and play with tools to explore one of the fundamental mechanisms of the evolution of living organisms which has led to the incredible biodiversity that surrounds us today! 

Practical information: FR/EN | 10 years + | Continuous

Counting in ones and zeros - ULB Département Inforsciences

Discover how computers count solely in ones and zeros.

Useful information : FR/EN I 12 year and over / Continuous demonstration

Cycling fun with Les Vélos Fun - Le Grand Huit

Les Vélos Fun by Le Grand Huit put up a great show! But they also come with cool bikes that visitors of all ages can try out. Test your balance, control and skill. Fun guaranteed!

Practical information: FR/EN | 8 years + | Continuous

DataBuzz - VUB/ULB/La Scientothèque (ExploreSciences@ULB)

DataBuzz is a high-tech mobile educational laboratory in a 13-metre electric bus.  Privacy, artificial intelligence, data journalism, filter bubbles... plenty of workshops to discover for curious minds!

Activity no. 1: Escape the Databuzz Junior
Escape game in the Databuzz: find the key and discover what personal data are and how to protect them.
Practical information: FR/NL | 10-14 years | 5 persons | 1 hour

Activity no. 2: Escape the Databuzz Senior
Practical information: FR | 14 years + | 4-5 persons | 1 hour

Activity no. 3: Serious games IA
Scientothèque offers an area featuring serious games to illustrate the different aspects of ‘computer thinking’ in artificial intelligence.
Practical information: FR/NL | 10 years + | 4-5 persons | 1 hour

Discover ecology with Yakari

Yakari is a happy, brave and generous Sioux child. In the enchanting world of the Great Prairie, Yakari rides one adventure to the next, from one encounter to another... Respect for others and for nature, friendship, courage... they all take centre stage in these stories. Through this timeless series, Derib and Job evoke values that speak to all children.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 6 years + | Continuous

dronefun - TECH4FUN

Have you always wanted to fly a drone?  Or maybe you’d like to showcase your piloting talents to others?  You can do it all at the dronefun stand: we’ll help you get started with flying and have a fun challenge in store for you!

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 8 years + | Continuous

From Gamer to Creator: Discover programming by creating a legendary video game! - We are coders

Do you like video games? Then discover the world of programming by developing your very own games. Enjoy an introduction to fun programming: discover the Scratch environment and the creation of an iconic video game, ‘Pong’.

Practical information: FR/EN | 8-16 years | 45 minutes
Times: On Friday every hour from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

From the first cell to the first Human - Museum of Medicine

Follow the evolution from the very first cell to the first primate through a video montage. Then play ‘Cluevo’, our Cluedo-style mystery game, to identify 6 hominids, find their matching skulls and discover where and when they first appeared on Earth.

Practical information: FR/NL | 10-12 years | Continuous | 20 minutes

Fusée chimique - Spark Oh!

Chemistry is great fun: take the powders and other ingredients, put them together and see what happens... amazing!

Practical information : FR/NL I All ages I Continuous

Games past and present - Game-INN

Game-INN is heaven for gamers of all ages! Discover all kinds of games, from nostalgic classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to the very latest arcade, console and board games. Have you heard of Astrotour VR, where you walk in the shoes of an astronaut? Or how about Clash of Chefs, a virtual cooking game?  In any case, if you like gaming, this is the place to be.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 8 years + | Continuous

Hop onto the multi-axis chair - Euro Space Center

Fancy yourself Buzz Lightyear and discover a fascinating universe thanks to this multi-axis chair developed by NASA, or enter a simulator for astronauts!
Ready for an adventure?

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 8 years +|Continuous

Hubert Reeves explains ‘the exhibition’ - Le Lombard

Specially adapted to a young audience, the exhibition explains themes as complex as biodiversity, the forest or the oceans in a playful way and with lots of pictures.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 8 years + | Continuous

Human centered robotics - Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Learn how exoskeletons help workers to lift items. Here’s everything you always wanted to know about prostheses. 

Practical information: EN I 10 years + / Continuous

Interstellar 360°: Interstellar 360°: Voyage to Proxima Centauri B - Poolpio / Royal Observatory of Belgium

Immersive audiovisual installation that takes you on a voyage to the star Proxima Centauri.  Discover how a journey nearly at the speed of light completely transforms your vision and the cosmic objects around you.  This metaphorical audiovisual experience allows you to understand the phenomena of space distortion and to relate Relativity to observation.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 6 years + | Continuous

Introduction to portable medical measuring instruments for physiological signals: discover their scientific and social added value - Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Try out several existing portable medical measuring instruments and find out how they work. Various technologies help you track your body's physiological signals. Find out whether there’s a future engineer in you... Or maybe you hear a different call?

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 5 years + | Continuous

KluG - MicroCube

KluG is a mechanical being who wanders around; a solitary machine, roaming the world with no function of its own, constantly discovering a universe still unknown to him. Two very expressive eyes behind two metal eyelids, a well-articulated mouth, a helmeted head that wobbles on a body of coarse mechanics placed on two wheels.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | All ages | Walks around 4 times a day

Knowledge turned artificial - Belgian GO Federation

Discover Go, a very subtle strategy game that has been played for 3000 years by millions of passionate amateurs. Play the game on mini boards, explore the mathematical features of Go or discover how the artificial intelligence AlphaGo has managed to beat the world’s best players!

 Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 5 years + | Continuous

La marmite de Lo : On se Poêle - Open Collective Brussels

We often find the same old vegetables on the supermarket shelves or on our plates. Bland and available all year round... Children will discover that there are lots of different vegetables that lend a touch of colour to every season. An educational and entertaining show, which includes short videos on vegetable growing in Belgium.
Tip: remember to bring a vegetable of your choice to inspire the improv sketches!

Practical information: FR | 6-10 years | 1-hour show + 15 minutes to serve the cooked-up dish
Friday : 12.15 p.m. / Saturday : 10.30 a.m. / Sunday : 11.45 a.m.

Learning through play: 3D engineering and mechanics with Professor Heliwi - Dinno

Get a better understanding of the magical world of engineering and mechanics with just 100 blocks.  The accompanying 3D environment guides you through this fascinating journey. Let your creativity run free and create your own motorised designs or decorate existing models!

Practical information: FR/NL/EN |6 years + | Continuous | 20 minutes

Les Mystères du Système Solaire - Compagnie Collaps Art

Embark on a journey through the solar system to discover the mysterious planets neighbouring the Earth. You’ll feel really small. Amazing 3D models and special effects, lightning speeds, action and suspense... A breathtaking and blood-curdling trip... Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take-off!

Practical information: FR/EN | 7 years + | 50 minutes
Friday : 10.45 a.m. / Saturday : 4.45 p.m.

Let's explore - FabLab ULB

Enter our FabLab and discover the fascinating world of digital manufacturing. 3D puzzles, stickers and glass engraving, a jumping robot... create and personalise all these objects yourself using 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters. Let your imagination run wild!

Activity no. 1: What’s a FabLab? Who works there? What do they do exactly?
Step inside our FabLab to see 3D printers, a laser cutter and a vinyl cutter in action. Discover these machines and find out how they work!
Practical information: FR/EN | All ages | Continuous

Activity no. 2: Build your own 3D Minion puzzle
In this workshop you can observe and understand how a 3D printer works, and build an object yourself, layer by layer.
Practical information: FR/EN | 6 years + | 30 minutes
Times: Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. / 10.30 a.m. / 11 a.m. / 11.30 a.m. / 12 p.m. / 1.30 p.m. / 2 p.m. / 2.30 p.m. / 3 p.m. / 3.30 p.m. / 4 p.m. / 4.30 p.m. / 5 p.m.

Activity no. 3: Build a jumping robot
A little taste of electronics and engineering = lots of fun guaranteed!
Practical information: FR/EN | 8 years + | 30 minutes
Times: Saturday and Sunday: 10.30 a.m. / 11.30 a.m. / 1.30 p.m. / 2.30 p.m. / 3.30 p.m. / 4.30 p.m.

Activity no. 4: Stickers and glass engraving
Personalise an object with a vinyl cutter and glass engraving.
Practical information: FR/EN | 8 years + | 30 minutes
Times: Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. / 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. / 3 p.m. / 4 p.m. / 5 p.m.

Liquid fun - Ecam research and development centre

Every wondered what it’s like to run on a liquid? Or maybe you’re keen to learn how to get out of quicksand?  Are you curious to find out how a snail moves forward, or how to easily serve ketchup?  Explore all of this at our stand!

Practical information: FR | 7 years + | Continuous | 20 minutes

Make your own music with Artificial Intelligence – Erasmushogeschool Brussels

At this stand you are welcomed by Nao the Robot.  This AI wonder will tell you all you need to know about the fun activities you can do in this music booth. Press the buttons that set different tones or moods, or fancy yourself a conductor in the conductor’s room. Fun guaranteed!

Practical information: FR/NL/EN / 8-18 years / Continuous

My smartphone is a mine! - ULB Chemistry Experimentarium (ExploreSciences@ULB)

Electronic waste is a real mine of rare metals. How do you recognise them? And how do you separate them? What about recycling? Enjoy a series of activities to find an answer to all of these questions.

Practical information: FR/EN | 10 years + | Continuous

PlugNPlay Booth – Gluon

The PLUGnPLAY stand by GLUON Education offers youngsters, teachers and youth group leaders an overview of the potential of art, science and technology through a series of workshops, a virtual reality experience and an exhibition.

Activity no. 1: Interactive workshop PlugNPlay
Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 14 years + | Continuous | 50 minutes

Activity no. 2: Interactive workshop Virtual reality
Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 14 years + | Continuous | 50 minutes

Activity no. 3: Virtual reality experience
Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 12 years + | Continuous

Activity no. 4: Exhibition of prototypes from previous workshops
Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 12 years + | Continuous

Robotics workshops – nooby.tech

Want to build, drive and programme real robots?  Whether you are new to robotics or a pro – we have something for you.  Come learn about engineering process, design, sensors, programming and much more. 

Animation 1 : Ocean Emergency Rescue
Design and build an ocean cleaning robot that will collect trash. You can continue your rescue efforts with the Coral Reef Cleanup activity in VEXcode VR. Collect as much trash as you can before the solar-powered batteries on your virtual robot run down.
Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 8-10 years / Continuous | 30 minutes

Animation 2 : VEX IQ Autopilot car
Build and programme an Autopilot robot that can navigate a maze and avoid obstacles.  You will learn about sensors and programme your robot with Scratch blocks or C++.  You can continue an autonomous driving challenge with activities in VEXcode VR.
Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 11-14 years / Continuous | 30 minutes

Animation 3 : Pitching In Game – VEX IQ Challenge
Practice, play and try to score the maximum points in Pitching In game of VEX IQ Challenge, the largest and fastest growing academic robotics competition in the world.  Your team will drive two prebuilt robots and compete against another team.
Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 8-14 years / Continuous | 15 minutes

Animation 4 : Let's dance with Marty the Robot
Have you met Marty the Robot? He’s the walking, dancing, eyebrow-wiggling robot, that’s full of personality! Let's code Marty to dance and join the party.
Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 7-8 years / Continuous | 30 minutes

Rotifers in Space - ULB/UNamur (ExploreSciences@ULB)

Discover the extraordinary organisms that are rotifers and understand why Belgian researchers are sending them into space!  You will watch them come to life before your very eyes and learn all about the experiment conducted by our researchers in collaboration with the European Space Agency.

Practical information: FR/EN | 6 years + | Continuous

Science Worlds - Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique

Play an educational role-playing game about science and technology. Join a team of renowned scientists on a visit to different futures, explore what happens there and discover the decisions you need to make today in order to have the best possible world tomorrow. You’ll realise how important it is to act now for our future, and the essential role of science in all of this.

Practical information: FR | 6 years + | 50 persons per hour | 1 hour

Scientastic at home - Scientastic

All yours to discover: experiments from the shows of the former Scientastic centre at the Bourse metro station. You will also have the opportunity to experience 5 amazing phenomena that you can easily reproduce at home to wow your friends!       

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 5-15 years | 20 persons | 25 minutes
Times: Alternating FR/NL/EN activity, with each session lasting 25 minutes


Solar bike adventure around the world - The Sun Trip

Meet adventurers and their extraordinary solar bikes that have enabled them to travel tens of thousands of kilometres around the globe. The Sun Trip is a humanist, ecological and technological adventure with universal values..

Practical information : FR/NL/EN I 6 years + I Continuous

Space in class - ESERO Belgium (ExploreSciences@ULB)

Which child is not fascinated with space exploration? Looking up at the sky, with their gaze fixed on the stars and the future, they dream away. ESERO Belgium makes the eyes of all Belgian pupils sparkle even more by allowing them to discover science, mathematics and technology from a new angle: that of... space!

Practical information: FR/EN | 8 years + | Continuous

Space Laser Games - Space Fun Games

Enjoy some exciting fun with your friends: hide in the maze, develop tactics and earn points with your laser gun pointed at your opponents’ interactive vests!

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 7 years + | Continuous

STEM playground – Odisee

Discover some STEM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in a playful way at the STEM playground. The equipment is not only fun, it also makes you think. The perfect playground for budding STEM scientists!

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 4-16 years | Continuous

Take action today for the city of tomorrow - Bruxelles-Environnement/Tournesol/Réseau Idée

Discover the environmental sciences, take a closer look at life under the soil through the microscope and discover how plants help counter pollution in the city. Choose a job for the city of tomorrow and explore tools for climate change education.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 8 years + | 12 persons | 30 minutes to 1 hour

The Cap Sciences Village - Cap Sciences

The Cap Sciences Village is an experimental recreational space, set up in the form of interactive stands.   It takes children aged 6 to 12 on a journey through all the scientific disciplines and offers a wide range of educational activities designed to make this young audience aware of the diversity of science.  

Activity no. 1: Mad scientists
Fun introduction to experimental chemistry: making slime and handling non-Newtonian fluids.
Practical information: FR I 7 to 12 years old I 20 minutes I 15 children I Continuous demonstration

Activity no. 2: Dinosaur expedition
A real-life palaeontology dig: discover a dinosaur fossil through a thrilling investigation riddled with fun scientific experiments.
Practical information: FR/NL | 9-12 years | 20 minutes | 15 children |  Continuous

Activity no. 3: Forensic expert
A fast-paced police investigation with fingerprinting, DNA swabs, decoding of secret messages and blood-group testing.
Practical information: FR | 8-12 years | 20 minutes | 15 children | Continuous

Activity no. 4: Electric fairy
Introduction to electricity for the very young: making circuits on fairy-tale scenery and handling magic sound sticks.
Practical information: FR I 5 to 8 years old I 20 minutes I 15 children I Continuous demonstration

Activity no. 5: Robot games
Mbot, a friendly, multi-talented robot, shows young visitors that a machine can have its own perception of the world... and that it can have mood swings! With the help of smartphones, children will pilot their Mbots to do relay races, shoot-outs and even coin collecting. 
Practical information: FR I 7 to 12 years old I 20 minutes I 15 children I Continuous demonstration

Activity no. 6: Dry ice madness
Foam and dry ice games: artificial smoke domes, mysterious droplets and the preparation of magic potions.
Practical information: FR | 6-12 years | 20 minutes | 15 children | Continuous


The cool, fun village of the little scientists - Les Petits Débrouillards

Step into the cool, fun village of the little scientists to awaken your curiosity and discover an active experimental way of learning that encourages everyone to participate. Teachers and group leaders at community centres will be able to reproduce this fun world with everyday objects and materials.

Activity no. 1: Man and electricity - three centuries of discoveries!
Where does this incredibly useful energy source come from? What happens inside a battery?

Activity no. 2: Hi there, climate! All well?
Explore phenomena linked to climate change known and unknown, and look at the atmosphere from a different perspective!

Activity no. 3: Biological diversity and soil composition - what's under our feet?
Come and discover underground phenomena, and the impact of the modifications made by us humans.

Activity no. 4: The alchemy of colours
Discover secondary colours by learning how to master primary colours! What if colours were not only a physical thing, but a chemical one too?

Activity no. 5: Balance, our sixth sense
Who can hold a skewer horizontally without touching it? A few basic laws of physics will help you out.

Activity no. 6: May the force - of water - be with you!
A waterfall of amusing experiments to explore Archimedes’ principle, to discover the different states of water, buoyancy and much more in an intuitive and playful way!

Activity no. 7: The Minotaur’s Labyrinth
Magnetism and magnets have tickled our curiosity since the beginning of time. Explore lots of games and experiences with these little intriguing objects.

Activity no. 8: Beware of the jellyfish!
How do fish swim at a constant depth without sinking or rising to the surface? Create your very own ‘jellyfish’ which moves up and down in an ‘aquarium’, as if it were alive!

Activity no. 9: Fun chemistry experiments
Mix baking soda with vinegar and get ready for a surprising reaction, make small explosions or learn how to clean coins... You will have a blast, guaranteed!

Activity no. 10: Biodiversity near or far?
Discover the countless living beings that surround us in a creative setting!

Activity no. 11: Cushion the fall!
A parachute is a lifesaver, but how does it work? Build your very own (small) parachute and test it out in free fall.

Activity no. 12: Electronic ‘bugs’
Come and meet a pack of little electronic ‘monsters’ created by young, resourceful scientists! They will explain all the secrets of this ‘home-made’ production focused on creativity, recycling and affordability.

Activity no. 13: Being human - living together: the Zinneke experience
A set of scientific experiments that will show you the link between the ‘categorisation’ and the development of stereotypes and prejudices that can lead to discrimination or racism.

Activity no. 14: Germs: friends or foes? Let’s put them under the microscope with Rosalind and Alexander!
Step into the fascinating world of germs and carry out 1001 experiments to get to know and tame germs, our friends and foes. An activity for the whole family.

Practical information: FR | 3 years +| Continuous

The Kingdom of the Inquisitive - Odisee and ERLNMYR

Once upon a time there was a princess... who, with her research questions, defied the power of her all-knowing father, the king. In this participatory theatre performance, Odisee and ERLNMYR take you into a mystical world of research, full of juicy questions like ‘Is an apple alive?’, ‘Can you talk to an ant?’ and ‘When did time begin?’. The main parts are played by the children themselves: the princess, the king, the jester, ... Everyone is encouraged to join in.

Practical information: NL | 9 years + | 40 minutes
Friday : 2 p.m. / Saturday : 12.15 p.m. / Sunday : 10.30 a.m. & 5 p.m.

The revenge of the earthworm: the zero-waste show that takes out the rubbish! - Zéro Carabistouille

A fun comedy that takes the guilt out of the contradictions of today's society.  One morning in November 2015, Sylvie becomes aware of the ecological footprint of her waste.    A journey through space and time, full of discoveries and funny anecdotes, which encourages her to recycle her preconceived ideas about the environment and the concept of ’zero waste’.

Practical information: FR | 9 years + | 1 hour 15 minutes
Saturday : 3 p.m.

Tornadoes - ULB Physics Experimentarium (ExploreSciences@ULB)

Fascinated by tornadoes? Keen to get a better understanding of these rare phenomena, and the extreme weather conditions in which they occur? Take part in this experiment which reproduces those conditions: pressure, heat, changes of state, the Coriolis force and more.

Practical information: FR/EN | 8 years + | Continuous

Video as a tool for scientific mediation - Nighthawks

Portraits of women scientists, a brief history of mathematical theories, from their discoveries to their astonishing current applications, vignettes on scientific thought and methods that are guaranteed to get you thinking... All yours to discover thanks to the videos screened by Nighthawks.

Practical information: FR/NL | 15 years + | Continuous

Virtual escapes - BOZAR

Let's enter imaginary worlds through Virtual Reality! Bozar presents a programme of virtual reality experiences that will plunge visitors of all ages (from 12 to 88) into dream-like worlds, where everything once again seems possible with the help of new technologies. A large, immersive and entrancing installation, which includes 14 viewing stations via 3D and 360° VR headsets, will highlight experiences that are a tribute to creativity and the imagination. Bozar proves that art and technology are not incompatible, and that such techniques are within the grasp of whoever is interested.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN | 12 years + | Continuous

“Circular” soap: how do we make hand sanitiser from kitchen waste? - Open Biolab Brussels // For Education

Open BioLab Brussels has been experimenting with ways to produce the main ingredient of hand sanitisers, ethanol, from starch- or sugar-rich waste materials. They’ve developed an experimental set-up that is included in the 'Circular Fermentation' activity box. Discover how the experiment works and become an expert on substrates, enzymes, fermentation and distillation.

Practical information: FR/NL/EN |9 years + | Continuous